Welcome to GSM Natural Stone Tiles

We introduced ourselves as good quality hard working professionals trying to expand in the industry. We have around quality and skilled worker and adjacent no. of helpers.

Our company offers a wide range of Natural Stone & Tile products that reflect elegance, style and finish. We offer all of our products in various finish and forms, as per requirement of our buyers. We hereby request you to go through our Products & let us know for yours and your clients needs.

If you need further clarification about work, please feel free to call us at +91 9916316699 or 9743116341

Wall Ledgers

 Commonly known as Wall Panels are spanning a varied array of colors, textures and patterns, which rejuvenate the walls with unique expression and style. Create a trendy, chic look in your office with our smooth textured plain & Grand wall Ledgers, or chose one of the shimmering slate wall panels to sprinkle the living room with life. Whatever your style and preferences, We GSM Natural Stone Tiles will help you create the perfect look with our Wall Ledgers that defines and distinguishes your individual fervour.

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Stone Veneer


Stone Veneer sheets are available in tinest thickness that also cannot be imagined.

Stone Veneer sheets are thin, and flexible, making them perfect for application in spaces where thick tiles cannot be placed. This makes them ideal for applications on interior and exterior walls, closets, doors, as well as on furniture and partitions. With a wide assortment of colors, patterns and sizes available to select from, the only limit to creative interior and exterior application of stone veneer sheets is your own imagination!

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Stone Mosaics

Product Code  : NST053

Arranged in spiral, planar or randomly mixed patterns, stone mosaic wall tiles have timelessly been used for ornamentation of imperial and artistic spaces. The application of stone mosaic tiles can range from living room accent walls to office galleries, from kitchen backsplashes to bathroom walls and beyond. Each wall application of stone mosaic is unique in style and creates a characteristic splash of royalty mixed with a transcending harmony on the surroundings.

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